She was my best friend, the Golden skinned girl everybody used to call her. Sometimes I wanted to sit and talk to her about the five years that have been passed, but I couldn’t because it would make her realize that something is wrong and I couldn’t wreck the happiness in her even if it meant going to the beach every day or keeping that same hair cut exactly like I had 5 years ago.

Berta or Betty as I fondly would call her, had lost her memory on that horrible day whose memories just wouldn’t leave my mind. I remember the amount of blood on the cemented road, the dent on the car and I remember Betty’s scream.  I also remember the sickening crack of her skull as she rolled over the car and fell on the ground.

The man went to jail but our Berta lost her memory. I still hope that one day she would realize that things have changed.

It’s been 5 years now; my Betty is still the same.


Turkey Tours!!!

Turkey, a transcontinental country is a mystifying experience on its own. A birthplace of Middle Eastern cultures and traditions, Turkey offers its visitors breathtaking natural beauties, historical and archeological destinations including castles and huge palaces. No doubts that it has gained the recognition as one of the ‘Best Tourist Destinations in the World’. It also provides vibrant lands for the tourists who love adventure along with traditional cuisines that you simply cannot resist!

Places To Lookout For!

Istanbul is one of the most famous tourist spots in the world. Being one of the biggest cities in Turkey, Istanbul offers a variety of attractions in terms of History as it was the capital city during the Byzantine and the Ottoman Empires. A few attractions that can be named are The Spice Bazaar, The Grand Bazaar, the Pera Palace Hotel, the Galata Tower, the Hagia Sophia, and the Topkapi Palace etc.

Ankara, the capital city of Turkey, dates back to the Hatti civilizations of the Bronze Age has grown to gain the identity of a modern international city. The places you shouldn’t miss are Museum of Anatolian Civilizations, Citadel of Ankara and Ataturk Mausoleum which is the final resting place of the Founder of Turkey, Mustafa Kemel Ataturk.

Southern and the Southwestern coasts mostly contains the beach resorts, which are called the Turkish Riviera, along the Mediterranean coast near Antalya, which is considered the tourism capital of Turkey.

Turkey, with its recent gained popularity for being in the Top Holiday destinations, will not disappoint the tourists. You can complete the holiday tour by taking up the Day Tours that start from Istanbul, the largest city of Turkey.


The calm town, situated southern associated with Istanbul over the Marmara Ocean. It is also the most Eco-Friendly cities, well known because of its eco-friendly Mosque, Burial place, and mountain tops. It is the location with the best health spas and snowboarding adventures during winters.

The Prince’s Island

Imagine a location which is untouched by centuries. No cars, no buses, freshly painted Ottoman homes around forests covered with pine trees! Once the playground of the Ottoman Prince’s, the islands are a perfect getaway from the chaos of the big cities. The island offer fresh seafood and warm waters to swim.


The battlefields of Gallipoli and the straights of AZNAC cove continue to have a deep impact on the lives of the people from Australia and New Zealand. More than a war memorial, Gallipoli acts as a legacy and a lesson for the future generations bringing old enemies together in peace.


Mere 2 hours from Istanbul, near the junction of Turkish, Bulgarian and Greek borders, Edirne is town that boasts a mystifying collection of the most unique and beautiful mosques in all Turkey.

It’s a lovely city center which features 3 huge strikingly different mosques.Selimiye Mosque is Edirne’s glory. Eski Camii, with the Arabic script on the walls inside and out is a delight for the passionate photographers. Serefeli Camii has 3 differently patterned minarets.

Turkey is even regarded as a part of the most romantic getaways. It’s a country with the historical, cultural and traditional strengths. The climate is beautiful and the cuisine is hard to miss!

What Next?

There is practically no end to the choices of where to go next in Turkey. Take your pick from the sailing tours to picturesque islands and submerged cities, or hot air balloon rides over Cappadocia, or ski on the mystifying powdery slopes in the morning or simply swim in the warm waters of the Mediterranean if you want. Bon Voyage!

Amchi Mumbai…

While on the locals of Mumbai, from Andheri to the Siddhvinayak Temple, I got down at the Bandstand station just to sit on the beach and enjoy the breath of fresh air. It was a beautiful evening; the sun was just setting down, when I found a rock to sit on. Completely lost in the beauty, I was startled by some noise and disturbances that I could hear across the road.

I could notice that there was a huge crowd outside a house; some young boys were even hanging from the tree! I started walking toward the crowd to check what was happening. I saw two young girls, keeping their cameras ready for a perfect shot. I went towards them to ask what was happening and why people were standing outside this particular house.

The house was rather a huge bungalow, full of grandeur and was about 3 stories high with lots of security guards. The was hope in the people’s eyes…just waiting for something. I went over to those young girls to know what was happening as my anxiety levels also had risen and was eager to know what was so special.

The girls, gave me a very stern look; whatttt????? You don’t know whose house is it? Are you coming here for the first time??? This Salman Khan’s house!!! Woh to pata hain na kaun hain?

I felt my cheeks go red out of embarrassment. I did not know that I was standing right outside Salman Khan’s house and it was him, the crowd was waiting for!!

Finally, the moment had arrived. I felt I was on the cloud 9 when I saw Salman Khan coming to his balcony to wave the crowd which was now hooting on the top of their voices.

After 10 minutes or so, waving and smiling at almost everybody he went inside, and so the people went on their own directions.